Postnatal Programs


Babies are welcome from 6 weeks - and beyond! Babies, toddlers, older siblings are welcome.

This is one of the most popular FITMOM classes. This beginner to athlete program is modified to meet your fitness level. Whether your baby is in a carrier or lying next to you, or if your toddler is running around your feet or climbing on your back, your child will participate in the class and provide progressive resistance to help you get lean and strong. Babies from 4 weeks to 6 1/2 months are safest in a front carrier, while older babies are best suited to a back carrier. If you have multiple babies, we will always provide assistance during class, and if you have a baby and a toddler or older child, you are all welcome to attend class! There will be a small selection of toys to help keep everyone entertained.

Expecting another baby and home with your toddler but are too tired to attend our evening prenatal class? Consider attending our daytime FITMOM & Baby class. We will make modifications when necessary.

All FITMOM + Baby™ classes include exercises to target all the major muscle groups. Each class includes:
  • a warm up, stretch
  • 20 minutes of standing exercises (with baby in carrier)
  • 20 minutes of interactive floor work
  • an aerobic circuit and
  • a warm down stretch

Each class concludes with a baby activity that changes weekly. In the course of the session participants will be able to address concerns about postnatal fitness and will receive handouts on relative topics for their interest.

The FITMOM + Baby™ class addresses the guilt new moms often feel when leaving their babies to do something for themselves. Babies can participate at all times and enjoy this class as much as you will. FITMOM + Baby™ classes are a great way to meet other new moms, get in shape, feel more energized and most importantly have fun while bonding with your baby!


FITWOMAN™ is a workout for ALL WOMEN who like to see quick strength gains, quick weight loss, and feel the immediate benefits of a challenging workout. This boot-camp style program is designed to maximize metabolism and make you sweat! (except we have fun and there is no yelling!) We know your time is precious and this class will make the best use of your workout time. Modifications are always provided from beginner to advanced.

A class conceived by moms who wanted the benefits of the FITMOM programs but rarely had an opening in their calendar during the day. This class has evolved and is often attended by moms who have returned to their workplace and want to continue getting back into shape postpartum, moms who need to be at home for bedtime routines, and moms who need an effective program where they can exercise with other like-minded people. These classes are typically offered later in the evenings (8:00pm or later) in an effort to accommodate rigid schedules for most families.